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Cool Stuff 168: Your one-stop shop for everything bicycle

Bicycles. For a contraption that was invented 2 centuries ago as an alternative transport to animal drawn carriages, it has evolved to a major means of transportation, spawning different kinds for different lifestyles. The last 60 years saw the rise different variations like the Road Racer, Cruiser, BMX, Mountain Bikes and Folding bikes.

Depending on each rider’s preference, there is one bike model that will suit every owner. Whether for business or play, there’s a bicycle that will fit your lifestyle. You don’t need to go far as there is a bicycle shop in almost every neighborhood.

A wide array of Folding bikes, Mini Velos and Mountain bikes will greet you upon entering Cool Stuff 168Ph.

CoolStuff168ph is such a shop. It offers a wide variety of bicycles that will cater to all enthusiasts. Located in La Loma, Quezon City, CoolStuff168ph has a big display area to showcase different models and makes. It also has an impressive display for bike accessories, which also serves as the service area with a mechanic on duty.

Mechanic on duty in the service area
Tires, jerseys or rims, it’s all here
Sale Items.
Cool Stuff 168 also offers different kinds of bags.

From Racers to Mini-Velos, from mountain bikes to folding bikes, CoolStuff168ph offers a myriad of brands to choose from without stretching your budget. It even has a separate display area for the famous British-made Brompton folding bikes.

Brompton Folding Bikes
Brompton Accessories and parts
Different colors for different folks
Carbon Rim
Brompton accessories

CoolStuff168ph President Philip Tan is also a bike enthusiast, so he understand the needs and wants of the typical biker. He makes it a point to source from reputable manufacturers at more reasonable prices.

Also, housed beside the bike shop is Team Spike Computer Repair Center, another business of Philip, which services all kinds of computers, whether desktops or laptops. They also repack batteries for laptops and auxiliary lighting for bicycles.

Team Spike Computer Repair Center

For all your bicycle needs, visit CoolStuff168ph at 84 Angelo St., La Loma, Quezon City, Metro Manila 1114. Like the streetalkph facebook page and get a discount!

Telephone: (02)410-1316, (02)740-3695

Facebook: cs168ph

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